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03/21/10 10:46 PM #13    

Richard Voss

Wondering where stay of the reunion? Let me reccomend the Americas Best Value Inn. It is close to Ron's, the school, the dome, and the cafe some have talked about as a gathering place. It is on DAkota Avenue right across the avenue from the bowling lanes and Jerry Gunsolly's furniture store. Its cost is about $60 for a double. I have stayed there dozens of times and find the fridge, micro wave and TV clicker all work. They have a great continental breakfast featuring coffee, tea, milk, juice, cook them yourself Waffles,cereal,fresh fruit, sweet rolls, and bisquits and gravy. All you can eat free from 6am to 10am. and yes, guests can treat non-guests at no added cost.
my thought was that if we wanted rooms close together just call them and reserve a room near mine.
Americas BEst Value Inn,
4402 Dakota Avenue,
SSC, NE68776
Da Czar

03/28/10 01:21 PM #14    


Diane Armour (Bartels)


I must have missed the communication about the cafe as a gathering place.

What is the name? When we were in high school, what was it called?


03/29/10 11:46 PM #15    

Richard Voss

Diane: I don"t know the name of the coffefe house but Claryce Ray has talked to the owner and has put a hold on the backroom. I do know where it is located: get off the 4-lane at the Dakota Avenue exchange. take the Avenue north about 50 yards and its on the westl side of the street.
Rick Voss

04/03/10 11:58 PM #16    


Diane Armour (Bartels)

Good evening, Everyone:

I just read the obituary of Charles Pederson and comments by his wife. That was very thoughtful of her to remember us.

She has given me pause to think and reflect upon those in our class who will not be with us at our 50th Class Reunion. I knew very few of them well, but I do remember all of them. Not only does it make me think about my own mortality, but it makes me sad to know we will not be with one another again.

If you have not made the decision to be with us at the 50th Reunion, I hope that if it is at all possible, you will reconsider.

Thank you.


04/14/10 12:58 PM #17    

Gary Fegley

Since I have to leave early Saturday morning and can't come to the banquet, I want to be selfish and see all of you that are in town on Thursday or Friday as much as I can. How about a Friday morning coffee as well or a beer in the afternoon? Is everyone staying in the same motel? Gary

05/13/10 04:56 PM #18    


Krishna Singh Khalsa

Wow.   Long ago and far away in another galaxy and time dimension, I went to high school with all of you.  Isn't it interesting how we've all grown up and become human beings?  I've been away so long that I feel like a party crasher ("who's that guy in the corner with the long beard, anyway?  Did you invite him?").  

Without the internet, Marilyn's work on this website, and DelRae pinging me on the website (the only connection I'd had with SSC, Nebraska for about 50 years), I wouldn't be here even today.

I'm in Eugene, Oregon and don't foresee being able to make it for the reunion but there's a lot of communication and connecting that can happen via the web if anyone would like that.  

I am somewhat of a writer, and skype or other webcam options would also be very cool to explore.  By the way, Hiway 20 ends about 75 miles from here, on the Oregon coast, very close to where Rita Boughn now lives.  So I think of you all every time I'm in Corvallis.  

I became a Sikh, and a yogi, in 1969.  Changed my name in 1974.  Have been involved in many business startups since the early 70's since finding "normal" employment with uncut beard and turban is an interesting exercise.  We had to "roll our own" jobs, businesses, etc. But teaching yoga, meditation, and Reiki energy healing is the real driving passion in my life.  And, food.  Producing it, cooking it, sharing it, giving it.  Oh, yeah.  Vegetarian.  I'd call my style of cooking, "peasant gourmet."  Something I learned from the Punjab in India.  I hope that you are all happy.

I'll work on a video for next time.




05/19/10 08:02 PM #19    

Karen Burgess (Kohn)

I agree with Duane about accomplishments.  Being a good parent is great, just being a good person is great, etc.  -- don't want to see anyone singled out for accomplishments as others might feel left out.

Karen Burgess-Kohn

05/27/10 11:29 AM #20    


Marilyn Dean (Tallman)

Just a thought: It was actually fifty years ago today (May 27, 1960) that we graduated.




As we have been planning our reunion, we have renewed acquaintances, talked with classmates we haven't seen in a long, long time, and discovered that it is really a good thing to look back occasionally.

It is my sincere hope that everyone is making the same discoveries and enjoying the process as much as I am.

Have a great day!


Marilyn Dean Tallman





06/24/10 02:14 PM #21    

Mary Boyle (Hansen)


I definitely want a memory book.  I am only online occasionally and noticed some people responded this way.

Thanks for the birthday wishes again.  Mary

06/26/10 10:07 AM #22    

Richard Voss

     The Bobby Tubbs I remember was one of those people who are the life of the party.  He had a real knack for turning a lemon into lemonade.  Remember how big his feet were in rellation to this height?  Do you recall how he did the door ttrick?  He would grab both handles on the double door at Harney and then jummp up wedging his feet so that he looked like king kong dangling on the side of the empire state building.

     Bob joins Gloria and Ron on the list those who did not march accross the stage in 1960, but were an important part of that class.  Are there any others?  Jerry Puckett comes to mind and I have asked my brother Spook-South Sioux Truck Washout-to do solme sniffing after Jerry.  And Dave James deserted to Bishop Heland.



07/01/10 05:37 AM #23    


Marilyn Dean (Tallman)

Rick: Wow, did you bring back some memories of Bobby Tubbs! Yes, I do remember those feet.

You're right, they were an important part of our class. I forgot all about Jerry Puckett but he was a nice kid.

We tried to contact Don Bousquet also. Remember he went to military school and didn't graduate with us.

Doug Hills remains an unknown quantity also. No one seems to know where he is. We heard he went to Las Vegas originally but nothing beyond that. I have checked with East High Class of 1960 and they don't know where he is either.

Let me know if you think of any others.

See you in a couple of weeks. Carman and I are staying at your hotel so we'll bump into you in the halls! (Again...)






07/01/10 07:22 PM #24    

Rodney Robertson shows a Donavon G.  Bousquet living/owning? in a trailer park on N. Hwy 75 in Sioux City.  My brother said he stopped in at Robertson Implement a few weeks ago and asked for my phone number.  He never returned to get it the next day and I never heard from him.


07/02/10 11:05 AM #25    


Marilyn Dean (Tallman)

Thanks for the information; glad to know he's still around. We have sent him all the reunion information so hopefully he's aware it's happening. We hadn't heard from him, however.

Maybe he'll check back in and call.


07/06/10 08:16 PM #26    

DelRae Beermann

Hi Rod - yes, we have sent Don two letters.  One went to the address you have and came it back.  Then we had an address of 410 Pierce St. Sioux City.  We will see you next week. 

DelRae Beermann




07/07/10 10:43 AM #27    

Richard Voss

To the committee

My brother (spook) has  gathered some information about the late Jerry Puckett.  He was in the 7th and 8th grades with us  and was an outstanding student.  He won a scholarship to Shaduct Accadamy in Minnesota.  Would you please treat this as a nomination into the Bob Tubbs category.  call him at the truck wash for hard copy

Rick Voss


07/07/10 01:37 PM #28    

DelRae Beermann

Hi Rick - Spook just brought the information about Jerry Puckett.  His wife sent a nice letter and shared things about the children and 12 grandchildren.

I will give this to Marilyn and she will put it on the website. The memory book is at the printers now, so this information will not be in there.  But I am sure that people who knew Jerry will be interested in learning about his life on the webpage. 

(We are going to keep the website going so it does not have to be done every year we have a reunion.  Perhaps just some updates will be done.)

Will see you next week.







07/10/10 07:49 AM #29    

Richard Voss

This is a thank you note to all the workers who spent the time to put together the reunion of the class of 1960.

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks.........

Didn't the song ask "Whatever happened to Randolph Scott"?Didn't Paul Harvey make a career of telling us "The Rest Of The Story"?

When I think back to those crazy teenage days, I focus on my classmates. I wonder who did what...where did life take them...and sadly for some, how did their story end?

I hope as many as possible join us in a celebration of the Class of 1960 at Ron's house on Friday night.

Rick "the Czar" Voss

07/11/10 06:46 PM #30    

Rodney Robertson

Oh Czar .... it's Shattuck Academy -  (formerly a military school in Faribault, MN attended by Jerry, Don Bousquet and me during our jr. hi + years).  Sorry to hear of his passing as I spent a considerable amount of time with his family at their farm, near Jackson, I think.

I also echo your expressions of gratitude to "the committee" for assembling this event!  Thank you all!  If I don't get lost driving in Albq., Denver or Omaha,  see ya in a few ...



07/12/10 12:48 PM #31    

Richard Voss

A few questions to the committee:  

     1.  Tee time is:

     2.  Dress code is:  

     3.  food:  MEAL OR SNACKS 



07/12/10 01:21 PM #32    

DelRae Beermann

Hi Rick

The tee time is what ever any of the classmates have set up with Marty Johnson.

The dress is casual for the Friday nite dinner.  Dress for Saturday will be casual and maybe a little more dressy.  But we will be glad to see any of our classmates whatever the dress.(I think!)

Dinner on Friday will be prepared by Katie and Ron - sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, desserts, ice tea, coffee, and pop or sodas (as they say in southern Illinois). 

Dinner on Saturday nite will be a choice of 3 meats (chicken, roast beef, ham), 2 salad (coleslaw and  pistachio), mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans, and ice cream for dessert, and ice tea and coffee.

See you on Friday.  Del



07/14/10 04:58 PM #33    


Marilyn Dean (Tallman)

Rick, I noticed Del didn't address your last item.

Carman, you, Bob and I, are at same hotel, maybe Don Speulda. Don't know for sure if anyone else is or not.

Who knows what'll happen after the sun goes down!



07/15/10 09:22 AM #34    

Richard Voss


"the Czar" has left the land of Lincoln in search of fields of corn...sharing great memories..and  stray room keys....407 miles to go....see you all soon

 Message sent via The Designated Driver....David Voss

07/18/10 04:02 PM #35    


Claryce Ray (Welch)

Hi to all--SSC Class of 1960,

It was so good to see all of you who were able to attend the reunion activities this weekend!!  I was not able to visit with  each and every one of you as I would have liked but I thoroughly enjoyed both Friday night at Ron and Katie's and Saturday at the Class of '60 coffee and the All School Dinner. Thank you to the committee for planning all of it and the work that you did.  A special thank you to Ron and Katie for all you did for the Friday night event and to Marilyn for all of the many many hours that you spent on the Website, letters, memory book etc.  What a great job!!

I left the Saturday night event feeling very happy but melancholy.  I thought about our class mates who have passed away and hope that those of us left will still be able to attend the next reunion.  It is kind of a sad thought that some of us might not be here to attend or may not be physically able to do so.--Enough of that-- let's continue to communicate through this website.

Until next time--I love you all!!


07/20/10 06:46 PM #36    

Richard Voss

To the class of 1960

        Happy trails to you until we meet again

        When asked "how was it?"

        I popped "It was slow, boring,  and I would not have missed it for the world."  Memories of days goneby were revived and good times relived.

        As to improvements:  Open the food line at the same time the picture sessiion is being held for the 50 year class.  Have a bulletiln board, slide show or video containing mostly info that was only availablel to the honor class.

Rick Voss

12/22/10 01:21 AM #37    


Diane Armour (Bartels)

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


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